Jim Sugar and Brian Lawler produce industrial and documentary videotapes,
still photos and multimedia productions.
Our work includes both still and motion photography, time-lapse photography and complete post-production.

Brian Lawler, left, and Jim Sugar with their cameras at the first space flight of SpaceShipOne, June 21, 2004.

Both are veteran photojournalists, and have developed numerous video projects for diverse clients.

One of their on-going projects is a video documentary about airplane designer Burt Rutan and his many
aerospace projects, built in Mojave, California. In progress for nearly three years, the documentary shows Mr. Rutan,
his staff, and many of the 40-plus aircraft he has designed and built.

Left: Paul Allen, Mike Melvill and Burt Rutan with SpaceShipOne after its first successful space flight, June 21, 2004; center: Pilot Mike Melvill stands atop
SpaceShipOne after its second space flight on September 29, 2004; right: Pilot Brian Binney stands atop SpaceShipOne after its third
successful space flight, October 4, 2004. The team won the X Prize, a $10 million award for the first privately-funded suborbital space flight.


SpapceShipOne landing after its third successful space flight. Click on the photo to see a short video of the landing.


Burt Rutan in his office at Scaled Composites in Mojave, California. To see an 8-minute pilot video
of the Burt Rutan documentary, click on the film strip.


The Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer,
a one-of-a-kind jet aircraft designed and built for Steve Fossett (center), who flew the plane solo
around the world in March, 2005 non-stop and non-refueled – a feat never before attempted.
(The propeller-powered, Rutan-designed Voyager flew around the world non-stop with two pilots in December, 1986.)

Virgin Atlantic Airlines is the sponsor of the plane and its round-the-world record flights.

To see a clip of air-to-air footage of GlobalFlyer over the California mountains, click on the film strip.


The pilot's view: For just over three days, pilot Steve Fossett will live inside the fuselage of GlobalFlyer.
His instrument panel will be the primary view, as there are only two small portholes and one tiny overhead bubble window.

To see an amazing, navigable interior panorama of the GlobalFlyer's cockpit, click on the photo above.
(viewing requires the free QuickTime browser plug-in, which you want for other time-based media.)
Photo by Jim Sugar and Kevin Schumacher


Contact information:

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e-mail: brian@thelawlers.com

Jim Sugar
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Jim and Brian are represented by:
Chuck Braverman
Braverman Productions, Inc.
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